Over the past few years suspension training has increased in popularity and it’s no surprise why when you see the amazing results you can achieve with this simple piece of kit. It consists of two fully adjustable high-tensile heavy duty straps with handles and a carabina to fix to an anchor point. There are a number of brands available on the market but all follow a similar design.

What is suspension training?

Suspension training focuses on using your own body weight against gravity to develop strength, balance, muscular endurance, increase lean muscle mass and tone the body. We advocate functional training here at Hillcliff in which there are very few isolated movements. Suspension training is truly functional as the body works as a whole unit in order to increase stability whilst executing the vast array of exercises that can be performed.

Benefits of suspension training

  Scalable and suitable for all - because the level of difficulty and the intensity of the exercises can be altered by adjusting the position of the body or the angle of the movement, this form of training is suitable for everyone from a beginner to an elite athlete.
  Core strengthening - it requires a great deal of core body work to stabilize your movements against the forces of gravity.
  Functional – it works more than one muscle and joint simultaneously in multiple places directions.
  Portable – great for travelling, it’s compact,  light and easy to use almost anywhere. You can even use a tree or a door and it takes just seconds to set up.
  Versatile – There are literally hundreds of exercises you can carry out on a suspension trainer

Training tips

For the majority of exercises from a standing position, you can increase the resistance by moving your feet closer to the anchor point.
Positioning your feet further away from the anchor point will increase resistance in most of the ground based movements
A narrower base of support will also increase the difficulty of the exercise as you will be less stable.
Try using single arm and leg exercises for a greater challenge.

A word of caution

For those who have unstable joints or a weak core musculature may be advised to avoid suspension training unless it is carried out under professional supervision. If you're interested in trying out suspension training for yourself or would like to know more, get in touch and one of our trainers will be only too happy to help.

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