Well it's not really 'About Us' is it? It's about what we can do for YOU, but we figured you'll want to know a little about our vision and what we strive to achieve at Hillcliff Personal Training; what we believe sets us apart from the competition and ultimately how we can help you to achieve your goals. Your success is our success!

Personal Training shouldn't just be about counting reps or yelling at clients to give 'just one more'. If that's all you're looking for then there are plenty of companies out there who can help you. If you're looking for another dimension to your training then you've come to the right place.

INTEGRATION and FUNCTION are the key principles behind our training methodology.
We train the body and all its components to move as nature intended, by utilising integrated functional movements that can be employed in your daily life and your sport.

Our bodies can push, pull and rotate. Multi-directional movement requires balance, coordination and often strength and endurance. We are capable of such a huge range of movements and our training programmes reflect this. We favour the use of free weights, body weight and gravity over gym machines to emphasise the greatest functional transfer to life's everyday activities and to sports, focusing on the whole body from a cellular level.

Integrated Functional Personal Training at Hillcliff North London

We want to know your story - your history, where your body is right now and where we can take it; through assessment, repair, building and conditioning.

Not everyone finds exercise fun and that some even see it as a chore and an obligation. Well in a way it is an obligation, in that you owe it to your body to respect it and treat it well. We want to help remove the 'chore' element and make it fun. We're there to motivate, challenge and educate you in a supportive environment. Our programme design will give you direction and structure to enable you to achieve your goals - and beyond.

We believe there is nothing Hillcliff Personal Training can't achieve with dedication and the same goes for you. The human body is truly amazing. It's capable of incredible things and we want to help you to unleash its potential and live your life to the full.