Corrective exercise looks to address muscle imbalances and their subsequent compensations. Over time we pickup bad postural habits which become ingrained in our movement patterns and can hinder our function, potentially leading to pain, injury and loss of mobility.

Some may be learned e.g. slumping at a desk; some genetic; some often as a consequence of a sports injury or medical condition. Whatever the reason, some muscles will become tight whilst others will lengthen beyond their optimal range. Both scenarios cause a loss in strength and this causes our bodies to move in an inefficient and sometimes painful way.

By addressing these issues corrective exercise seeks to correct:

hillcliff bullet point  poor posture
hillcliff bullet point  musculoskeletal imbalances
hillcliff bullet point  dysfunctional movement patterns
hillcliff bullet point  joint instability
hillcliff bullet point  lack of flexibility

The principles of corrective exercise lie at the heart of the Hillcliff training philosophy. The body should be viewed as a whole unit, taking into account the ways in which the components work together. All our programmes are designed with the goal of improving function, whether that be for a particular sport or for daily activities. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

We conduct a full static and dynamic postural assessment to identify potential problem areas. From the information gathered we can then devise a progressive exercise programme based on strength and stabilisation which promotes healthy, functional movement patterns creating balance, stability, efficiency, co-ordination and greater body awareness, also reducing the likelihood for future injury.

If you believe you can benefit from corrective exercise get in touch to book your consultation.

“I wanted to arrange so personal training to help improve a back problem which was an old injury I had sustained playing rugby. Claudine put together a plan aimed at improving core strength and increasing overall fitness. I had a regular session every week and after just a few months I noticed an improvement and I was able to start cycling at weekends. After 6 months I entered my first sportive and rode 60 miles. I have found Claudine to be very knowledgeable and professional and has been motivating through the journey.”
P McCarthy

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