Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say.


 ”At the start of the year, on the recommendation of a friend, I booked 12 sessions with Hillcliff.  Although I had been a regular runner life, kids and work had meant that the pounds had slipped on and my general fitness gone down. I’ll let the stats explain just how good they are. 10 weeks later I was a stone lighter, stronger and running a mile 2 minutes faster. It goes without saying that the trainers knows their stuff but much more importantly they know how to pass it on.  A natural teacher: patient, clear, encouraging.” A.Grieve

 “I suffered with pelvic girdle pain throughout my pregnancy. Six months after having my son, I was still in pain but my osteopath was unable to put a finger on the exact cause of the problem. My osteopath referred me to Claudine as she felt I needed to build my core strength to see an improvement to the injury. I’ve worked with Claudine for the past 18 months and have seen a huge improvement with the pelvic injury as well as my overall fitness. Her sessions are fun and challenging and have gradually rebuilt my strength after my pregnancy and c-section. Claudine is hugely knowledgeable on women’s health, post natal issues and hypermobility and so has been able to give me a lot of advice and create an exercise programme tailored to my needs.” R.Walsh

 “I am a very keen tennis player and play on average 5 times a week, socially and matches. I have been training regularly with Claudine for about 18 months now and have noticed a massive difference/improvement in my strength and stamina. This year I reached the ladies finals at my club for the first time…….next year I hope to win it!!” J.Kimberley

 ”As a person who has jumped, run and spun about since I was little, I was devastated when I tore a cartilage in my left knee two years ago. My trainer at the time shook his head, and waved me off to sit on a surgeon’s waiting list. I didn’t want an operation, and so thank goodness I met my personal trainer, Claudine. Since joining forces with her, I’ve been given hope! I have a couple of sessions each month and then follow my programme in my own time. It’s great to know the exercise programme I’m following is the right one for my fitness goals. Even after two sessions, my knee began to feel better. It’s really great I have someone who knows how to help me get better, and understands my frustration with being injured. I would recommend anyone recovering from an injury to work with a skilled trainer as I do with Claudine, It’s the best way to get back on your feet and into shape in the most effective and safe way.” F.Anderson

 “My physio recommended Claudine to me as a strength and conditioning coach 18 months ago when I was recovering from shoulder surgery; the fact that she is a tennis player and understands the sport was the deciding factor in my choice.  I have successfully recovered from shoulder and foot operations with her help and I have managed to get back to playing competitive tennis to county level despite suffering potentially career ending injuries. She has been very innovative, designing an upper body only program when I was recovering from foot surgery.  Training with Claudine has been fun, varied and I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my power on the tennis court. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” A.Greenwood

 ”I decided to pursue the personal training route as I have a very demanding full time job and also a young family so time is precious.  In addition to this I have multiple sclerosis so needed to be careful and measured in my approach to exercise. From the outset, they were keen to understand my objectives and background and then create a plan to suit me. They tailor it on a week to week basis and are very flexible with my demanding work schedule. I tremendously enjoy training with both Kate and Claudine and find their knowledgeable and motivating approach works very well.” S.Cohen

 “I trained with Claudine before getting pregnant, throughout the whole of my pregnancy, as soon as I could after having my baby. Our sessions were always tailored for my ever changing body. I really appreciated her expertise and company! Would highly recommend.” C.White

 ”I’ve been using Hillcliff Personal Training now for 6 months for 1-2-1 sessions. They worked with me to develop a programme to help me achieve my fitness goals. Throughout the period we have re-assessed to see how I am tracking. Being able to see a noticeable difference along the way has been really motivating, and has helped me keep going. I am now pregnant, and it is great that they have pre and post natal experience in training, she has been able to work with me in a safe way, developing my training plan to sensibly suit my new needs. I would highly recommend working with Hillcliff Personal Training, the sessions are fun, motivating, always changing to keep me inspired and have made a difference!” J.Hendry

 ”I’ve been training with Hillcliff for several months now and I’ve noticed a real change to my shape, muscle definition and general fitness. I added Hillcliff PT into my weekly training schedule and the results were almost immediate. This taught me that you can fall into ‘comfort training’ fairly easy when you have a busy life, effectively working hard with little or no results. Meeting once a week has changed all that and I’m now seeing the results I need which motivates me to keep going.  Always professional, prepared and with something new, I would have no hesitation in recommending Hillcliff Personal Training for every level.” J.Thomson

 ”I can wholeheartedly recommend Hillcliff Personal Training. I was an exercise-phobic and not only have I been transformed into an exercise-lover, but they helped me to get in shape for my wedding. They are utterly professional, challenging in the way you need, and great fun to work with.” K.Bingham

 ”I’ve worked with Hillcliff for two years. They are fantastic trainers, providing a wide variety of exercises in preparation for various events and to maintain interest and motivation.” A.Whatley


 ”I never had a personal trainer before but after having my baby boy I realised that I had complications which meant that it would not be possible to go to the gym as soon as I thought and do the same activities that I was used to, which was upsetting as I used to love going to my gym on a regular basis. Searching the web I came across Hillcliff’s website and after speaking to Claudine I was keen to get started as she was understanding to my needs. She is great, she listens to exactly what you want to get out of it and sets out a clear plan to help you achieve it. Each session is a thorough workout and never boring and I haven’t looked back. So pleased I found her! I not only feel physically great but have lost all of my postnatal weight and can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again AND its been lots of fun too! Would highly recommend them.” P.Willock

 “I consulted Claudine when I suffered from lower back problems. I was experiencing pain while playing tennis and I required a programme to increase the strength in my back and core. After a comprehensive evaluation, Claudine designed a targeted programme to strengthen these areas and to promote all round conditioning. I noticed the benefits of working with Claudine very quickly and gained in all round strength. I was soon running around the court with more ease, free of pain in my back and with a stronger game.”  S.Cammerman

 ​“I’ve been seeing Claudine for about 3 years both for one on one sessions and for weekly boot camp. Claudine has helped me with a number of back, hip and shoulder problems and tailors plans to my various injuries. Seeing Claudine has helped maintain my fitness and weight which otherwise I would not have done.”  D.Williams

 ”I just had two meetings with Claudine and it has made a significant improvement to my fitness and ability to play tennis without pain. I’m in my 50’s and have had long term back issues. Although I’d tried to find exercises and stretching routines, I was finding I was getting increasingly stiff and immobile after tennis, and was worrying I might have to give it up. Claudine gave me a number of straight forward exercises to do, which were specific to the pressures and strains of the sport I love. I’m way better now, and playing better than ever, and don’t have to lie down on ice bags and take ibuprofen after every match. It’s made a real difference to me, and my only regret is I didn’t do this years ago!” A.Sandelson

 ”Highly recommend Claudine as a Strength and Conditioning coach. What started as part of post-surgery rehab and focused on specific exercises to get active again and strengthen my knee post-surgery quickly became a regular session of general cardio and strength based training through circuits and super-sets. Claudine’s understanding of how to rehab and recover post-injury led to a varied and exciting programme to build me back into better shape than I was pre-injury and the range and increasing intensity of activities has kept me motivated and challenged since. Claudine tailors the sessions to your personal goals and makes it easy to take the activities away with you by providing detailed programmes to use in your spare time. One of the toughest but most rewarding things I do on a weekly basis!”  D.Burgess

 “I trained with Claudine before getting pregnant, throughout the whole of my pregnancy, as soon as I could after having my baby. Our sessions were always tailored for my ever changing body. I really appreciated her expertise and company! Would highly recommend.” E.King

 ”I’ve never been the motivated sort, and I’m still not, however I’ve finally found someone who managed the unmanageable and turned me into one of those regular gym goers I never understood. The weight’s finally going in the RIGHT direction too!! Thanks and be warned, if I can work out how to bottle whatever secret powers you have, I’ll sell them to make my fortune.” J.Greer

 ”I wanted to arrange some personal training to help improve a back problem which was an old injury I had sustained playing rugby. Claudine put together a plan aimed at improving core strength and increasing overall fitness. I had a regular session every week and after just a few months I noticed an improvement and I was able to start cycling at weekends. After 6 months I entered my first sportive and rode 60 miles. I have found Claudine to be very knowledgeable and professional and has been motivating throughout the journey.” P.McCarthy

 ”This approach gets results! In just three months with twice weekly sessions, I’ve dropped a stone and two dress sizes. I was a bit nervous picking back up a fitness regime, but with a tailored programme based on my specific needs,  it’s been effective, targeted and (perhaps surprisingly) a lot of fun. In short, it’s been a true life changer – highly recommend.” J.Geary

 ”The team at Hillcliff are so motivational and supportive in helping me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals, I just know I wouldn’t be able to get the same results without them!” T.Strautins

 ”Always punctual, prepared and possessing a positive attitude towards both me and my capabilities. I have been surprised at my improved levels of fitness and now feel happier in myself. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hillcliff Personal Training to my family and friends.” A.Cuthbert

 ”I was training for 12 weeks this summer. They really pushed me and focussed on the areas that I wanted to work on. Our mornings in the park were always really fun but also hard work. On top of that, I was given a personalised exercise plan for my own use in the gym which was a great bonus. I would really recommend hiring Hillcliff PT!” E.Kwolek

 ”One of the most motivating instructors I’ve ever had. The encouragement really drives me to get the most out of every session” L.Hayward

 ”I really enjoy my sessions. I have noticed a difference plus I love all the strengthening exercises.” V.Praxoulis


 ”I have been attending the Saturday bootcamp for a few months now and the improvement in fitness has been amazing. A good balance is struck between having fun and keeping focused on fitness progression. Everyone who attends has differing abilities and an eye is kept on everyone working to their own personal boundaries…so, in this way it really feels like you are getting a personal service. So much better than the gym…and you’re getting lots of fresh air!!” Julian D

 ”Since starting Bootcamp last summer my fitness levels and stamina have improved. My husband has commented that my body looks even better than it did 10 years ago, and you’d never believe I’d had two kids.” Lisa P

 ”The Match Fit classes have really made a difference to my tennis. I feel much fitter, I have attended them all & this year for the first time have won the mixed doubles! (with a little help from my partner)” Julie K

 ”I have been attending the Bootcamp sessions for some time now and want to compliment the team on an excellent training session. The activities given always seem to ensure you cannot be complacent and although it is a group-based training programme it easily gets tweaked by one of the instructors specifically to you to ensure you are pushed. The combination of clear instructions and banter makes it a challenging, motivating session that guarantees I put my maximum effort into it. Thanks again for a great class.” Gavin H

 ”One of the most motivating instructors I’ve ever had. The encouragement really drives me to get the most out of every session” Lisa H


 ”Love training in the great outdoors, rain or shine with other like-minded people. My half marathon times have improved – no easy feat as I’m not getting any younger – but I do feel that I am finishing runs stronger, my legs are more powerful and at the end of a race instead of fading in the last few miles, they seem easier now and my timing is more steady. Looking forward to seeing the effects in my next full marathon.” Lucy F

 ”I’ve been going to bootcamp regularly for 2 months and I’m now really starting to notice both a difference in my fitness and bodyshape. My abs are now noticeably more defined which is great to see!” Emily K

 ”A brilliant way to start the day. Everyone has a fantastic workout and keeps coming back for more.” Claire P

 ”Just wanted to thank you today for a brilliant class. Hard work but completely shaken the cobwebs and never heard so much praise for a class afterwards.” Lisa H

 ”Motivating, hard work and lots of fun. Despite being in a group, the training still feels tailored to my individual needs and the sessions have become the highlight of my week.” Gary S

 ”Great classes with cleverly put-together programmes that have greatly improved my overall fitness. Very addictive and I recommend them for everyone.” Mike B


 ”I signed up to Hillcliff’s Online Personal Training programme 6 months ago. Prior to this, I was struggling to achieve my goals despite following an healthy exercise and diet regime. However Hillcliff worked hard to find the right programme for me and were fully supportive of my goals. The result being a visible change in my body shape. My muscles are more defined and toned and the pounds are finally slipping off. While Online Personal Training is a great option if you are self-motivated, the weekly calls and instructional videos never really leave you on your own. I would recommend Hillcliff to everyone.”
S. Lakhani