The principle aim of sports conditioning is to develop the body in order to make it more efficient at any sporting activity. It focuses on physical preparation for peak performance of athletes at all levels. If you want to achieve the utmost efficiency and see consistent improvement, simply playing your sport without the inclusion of a conditioning programme will limit your potential.

The basic goal behind this type of training is to develop all components of fitness (both physical and motor) to various degrees depending on the demands of the particular sport.

These will include:

  cardiovascular fitness                        muscular strength                           power
  speed                                                         stamina                                                 agility
  flexibility                                                 balance                                                 co-ordination

Your Hillcliff trainer will analyse the biomechanical and athletic demands of your particular sport and design an appropriate periodised programme, whether that be for race day or for an entire season.

At your consultation we will gather the information to formulate your individual needs analysis including: athlete screening, movement analysis and bio-motor ability assessment. Sports conditioning can target specific fitness and strength aims helping you to achieve your fitness goals by utilising speed, agility, plyometric and weightlifting training protocols. We will also help you to identify any areas of weakness that may be inhibiting your performance.

We have experience in training tennis players, golfers, triathletes, footballers, swimmers, cyclists, runners, volleyball, hockey and rugby players to name a few. Contact us for more information or to book your initial consultation.

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