At Hillcliff Personal Training we know there are many benefits to exercising whilst pregnant. It's important that you exercise safely and with the consent of your GP and midwife and ideally under the supervision of a specially qualified personal trainer. The goal is not to increase fitness or lose weight during your pregnancy. Instead you should be aiming to simply maintain a level of fitness and ensure that the inevitable weight gain that's beneficial to your unborn baby isn't excessive.

Some of the numerous benefits of prenatal exercise

 Enhanced cardiovascular health gives you more energy through your pregnancy.
 Improved muscular balance can relieve backaches and general joint and muscle soreness that occur from a change in your posture and centre of gravity.
 Reduced leg cramps, swelling and water retention and easing of gastrointestinal discomfort.
 Strengthens the abdominal muscles reducing the level of diastis rectus (where your abdominals move apart to make room for the baby).
 Reduces maternal weight gain and fat accumulation. (It's desirable to gain weight through your pregnancy in order to support the baby’s growth. This can be anything from 11-15kg, but studies show those who exercise gain on average 3.6kg less than those who had a sedentary pregnancy.)
 Less prone to develop gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia.
 Reduces perceived pain during labour and brings the possibility of an easier, shorter and less complicated birth.
 Enhances circulation which may in turn reduce the risk of varicose veins.
 Evidence suggests your baby may have a less traumatic birth due to their experience of changes in oxygen supply and blood flow whilst you're exercising during pregnancy.
 It will be easier to recover after the birth. You'll regain your previous fitness levels more quickly if you continue to exercise through pregnancy.
 Babies of mothers who have exercised through their pregnancy tend to be leaner.

If you’re pregnant, planning to have a baby in the near future, or have recently given birth, contact us at Hillcliff Personal Training. Find out more about how we can help you through your pregnancy or in getting back to exercise following your new arrival with our tailored programmes designed by our specialists in the field of pre and post natal exercise, based on your current levels of fitness and your previous history.

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