In order to lose weight a calorie deficit is required  - we need to expend more calories than we consume.  For long term success a balanced weight management programme includes three essential components:


The majority of people will choose a change in their diet alone in order to lose weight.  For many it seems less of a challenge to create the necessary calorie deficit per day through a reduction in the amount they eat, than to utilise that energy through additional activity. However, adding exercise into the equation will not only speed up the weight loss process, but will also provide a number of additional benefits.

It really is a case of 2+2=5

Reducing weight through diet alone can lead to a reduction in muscle mass, strength and aerobic capacity. You don’t just lose fat, you’ll lose muscle too which will have a detrimental effect of your daily activities. This is especially true as we age.  The addition of exercise to a diet that restricts calorie intake promotes fat loss while maintaining fat free muscle mass. It has also been proven that those who exercise are better at maintaining weight loss. No more yo-yoing.

Thin people can be fat too.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Visceral fat is that which surrounds the organs and is a major cause of disease. Even if you’ve lost weight through diet alone, thin does not necessarily mean healthy. Exercise will reduce this dangerous type of fat.

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The bottom line is exercise is good for us.

Our bodies were designed to move. Exercise provides a range of benefits regardless of whether weight loss is your aim.

• Preserves muscle mass
• Enhances aerobic and anaerobic fitness
• Reduces the risk of diseases and mortality rates from metabolic syndromes
• Improves cognitive function and mood
• Balances hormone levels

• Increases immunity
• Reduces visceral fat
• Improves insulin sensitivity
• Increases the ’helpful’ HDL cholesterol
• Maintains improvement in weight loss induced benefits to metabolic health

What type of exercise should I do to lose weight? Aerobic or resistance?

The answer is..........BOTH!
Undertaking cardiovascular aerobic activities that burn a high number of calories is going to have the maximum effect on weight loss. Combining this with the addition of resistance exercise in your fitness programme will increase your basal metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories at rest) by preserving muscle mass.

If you're looking to lose weight and want to start an exercise programme specifically targetted to your needs and individual circumstances then get in touch and one of our trainers will be able to set you on the path to better health.

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